Summary of STOx's performance on RoboCup 2013

The following video shows a summary of the Colombian team performance from Universidad Santo Tomás in the robotic football championship RoboCup 2013 held in The Netherlands


RoboCup 2013 has finished with STOx's as one of the 8 top teams of the world (07/02/13)

 Last monday 1st of July finished the robotic football world championship RoboCup in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with great achievements for Santo Tomas University and for our country: For the first time in history, a Colombian team ranges withing the 8 top teams of the world.

The STOx's team showed an amazing performance in the Round Robin by winning against the american team RFC-Cambridge and the Canadian team Thunderbots with scores of 7-0 and 3-0 respectively. Besides, we achieved a tie with the Brazilian team RoboFEI and finally lost against the Japanese team KIKS by 1-0. These results placed us in the second position of the group with 7 points and 9 goals behind the KIKS who obtained the perfect score of 9 points.

In the next round the Colombian team faced the German team TIGERS Manheim of the Cooperative State University of Manheim. STOx's won 1-0 which took the team to the quarterfinal, placing us among the 8 top teams of the world.

Finally, on June 29th at 7am -Colombian time- the first game of the quartefinal took place between STOx's and the American team CMDragons of the Carnegie Mellon University. The latter won the game with a score of 2-0. CMDragon team is a highly experienced team in the small size league and it has won the championship three times before. Moreover, in this ocasion, after beating STOx's, they also beat the Iranian team MRL in the semifinal. Finally, in the final game of the championship they lost agains the Chinese team ZJUNlict in a very tied match that ended 7-6.


DSC_0018 800x530.jpgDSC_0030 800x530.jpgDSC_0004 800x530.jpgDSC_0011 800x530.jpgOtra 226x150.jpgimage 800x600.jpgDSC_0019 800x530.jpgDSC_0021 800x530.jpg


The STOx's team meet their first defeat (06/28/13)

The STOx's team was defeated 1-0 by the Japanese team KIKS from the Toyota National College of Technology. It was a pretty close game that ended in favor of the Japanese team when the STOx's software suffered an execution crash. In the meantime, we are waiting for the other groups's results to know which team will be our opponent in next round. We'll keep you posted.



STOx's achieves an outstanding victory against the american team RFC-Cambridge (06/28/13)

This morning, STOx's faced the american team RFC-Cambridge which is a merge between Harvard University and the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from the United States. The game ended 7-0 with STOx's as the winner. This result places us amongst the top 12 teams in the championship.


DSC_0030 800x530.jpg


Summary of the First RoboCup day (06/27/13)

The following video shows a summary of the activities for the first day of RoboCup 2013. It shows games, peoples but overall: Robots!

In the video you will see attendants from all over the world and robots from all the active leagues in RoboCup. In addition, you can see ASIMO, a humanoid robot built by the company Honda that aims at providing assistance to people with motion incapabilities and also to encourage young students to choose science and engineering as their professional career.

The following table shows the results of the other games from group C

RoboFEI (Brazil) 2 0 RFC-Cambridge (USA)
STOX's (Colombia) 3 0 Thunderbots (Canada)
KIKS (Japan) 3 0 RFC-Cambridge (USA)
RoboFEI (Brazil) 0 0 STOx's (Colombia)
KIKS (Japan) 3 0 Thunderbots (Canada)

With these results, the points for each team is as shown next


Team Points
 KIKS (Japan) 6
 STOx's (Colombia) 4
 RoboFEI (Brazil) 4
 RFC-Cambridge (USA) 0
 Thunderbots (Canada)


First STOx's victory in The Netherlands against the Thunderbots (06/27/13)

The Colombian team STOx's meet their first victory in RoboCup 2013 against the Canadian team from the University of British Columbia, Thunderbots. The game ended 3-0 with STOx's as the winner. This score places us in an advantegous position to reach the classification to the next round. Tomorrow Friday STOx's will play the two remaining games of the first round against teams from Japan and the United States.




First STOx's game ends tied - STOx's (Colombia) VS RoboFEI (Brazil) (06/27/13)

This morning, the STOx's team played their first game against RoboFEI from Brazil in the Small Size League of RoboCup. The score was 0-0.

You can find some pictures of the event and the picture of the two teams after the game.


20130626_065001_mod.jpg20130625_084554_mod.jpg20130626_064930_mod.jpg20130625_104742_mod.jpg20130625_105133_mod.jpg20130625_084255_mod.jpgFoto 24-06-13_1mod.jpg20130625_105244_mod.jpg20130625_104804_mod.jpg20130625_084549_mod.jpg20130624_122232_mod.jpg20130624_132431_mod.jpg20130624_132419_mod.jpgDSC_0006_mod.JPG


Live broadcasting of RoboCup games(06/26/13)

In the following link the RoboCup staff will be broadcasting the open-up event and the games, not only of the Small Size League, but also of all the leagues in RoboCup.

On the other hand, our collegues from the University of British Columbia will be broadcasting the games of the field where the STOx's team will be playing in the following link 

What time does STOx's play? (26/06/13)

We already know the time of each STOx's game in the first round. The games will take place on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th in the morning (Netherland local time).

These are the games

Day Time (Netherlands)
Time (Colombia) Game
Thursday 2:30pm 7:30am STOx's (Colombia) VS RoboFEI (Brazil)
Thursday 5:30pm 10:30am STOx's (Colombia) VS Thunderbots (Canada)
Friday 10:00am 3:00am STOx's (Colombia) VS RFC-Cambridge (US)
Friday 1:00pm 6:00am STOx's (Colombia) VS KIKS (Japan)

Our opponents are teams that represent the following countries: Brazil, USA, Canada and Japan. RoboFEI team comes from the Centro Universitario da FEI, at Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil. Thunderbots team is from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada. RFC-Cambridge team represents a merge between Harvard University in Massachussetts and the Massachusstts Institute of Technology (MIT) , United States. Finally the KIKS team is from the Toyota National College of Technology in Toyota, Aichi, Japan.

STOx's team is already in RoboCup 2013 (06/24/13)

Colombia is already in the facilities where RoboCup will take place. Our team, STOx's is already planning their strategies against their opponents.




The following video shows the entrance of the Colombian team STOx's to the main arena.


Journey to The Netherlands (06/22/13)

Some news on the STOx's arrival to Amsterdam and finally to Eindhoven.


Foto 22-06-13 600x800.jpgFoto 22-06-13 6 600x800.jpgFoto 22-06-13 9 800x600.jpgFoto 22-06-13 3 600x800.jpgFoto 21-06-13 6 800x600.jpgFoto 21-06-13 8 600x800.jpgFoto 21-06-13 12 800x600.jpgFoto 22-06-13 11 800x600.jpgFoto 22-06-13 2 600x800.jpgFoto 22-06-13 4 600x800.jpgFoto 21-06-13 10 600x800.jpgFoto 22-06-13 10 800x600.jpg


Groups for the first round are ready (06/20/13)


Group A
Id Team Country
A1 Skuba Thailand
A2 MRL Iran
A3 RoboJackets USA
A4 MCT Susanoo Logics Japan
A5 ER-Force Germany
Group B
Id Team Country
B1 ZJUNLict China
B2 TIGERS Manheim Germany
B3 RoboIME


B4 ODENS Japan
B5 NEUIslanders Syprus
Group C
Id Team Country
C1 KIKS Japan
C2 Thunderbots Canada
C3 STOX's Colombia
C4 RoboFEI Brazil
C5 RFC-Cambridge USA
Group D
Id Team Country
D1 Parsian Iran
D2 RoboDragons Japan
D3 CMDragons USA
D4 BRocks Turkey
D5 EMEnents Pakistan



Final Packing (06/20/13)

The STOx's team is on their final packing and gets ready to go El Dorado International Airport.




Training previous to the trip (06/19/13)

Stox's team gets ready in home. The final trainings are done in front of the cameras for the media.