RoboCup 2015

STOx's training for RoboCup 2015

The colombian team STOx's from Universidad Santo Tomás is currently training in preparation for the RoboCup 2015 tournament. New plays are being tested both in simulation and in the real robots. These new plays aim at making the team more intelligent and to make more complex decisions depending on the game situation. Techniques in the fields of science and engineering are being used to create these new plays.

In the following videos we show the prediction of the parabolic flight that the robots use for long passes in simulation. Also, you can appreciate the execution of one play that performs a double pass between the robots.

Double Pass and Shoot


Parabolic Flight prediction



Robotic players from STOx´s get ready for RoboCup 2015

The robotic players from the STOx's team has gone through a final physical preparation before the competition that will take place in less than two weeks from now. These last minute changes aim at prepare the robots by making them faster and increasing their accuracy in passes and shoots. For this purpose, the team prepared new electronic boards in early 2015 with changes introduced after the robot's performance in last year's competition. The new electronic devices are already in place and tested and the players are finally ready for the torunament.

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20150702 112932 20150702 113008


STOx's in El Tiempo

The STOx's robotic soccer team from Universidad Santo Tomás shows up in the local newspaper El Tiempo in an article about the main technological centers in Bogotá. Also, the article highlights the work being carried by the group regarding the humanoid robot DARwIn-OP, a robotic device used in important social projects.



Qualification to RoboCup 2015

The STOX's team from Universidad Santo Tomás achieved the qualification to RoboCup 2015 in April after having submitted the two requisites that all teams were requested. On one hand, a team description paper was submitted. This paper shows the main features of the STOx's team and furthermore, the main scientific and technological contributions of the team to the robotics and computational intelligence community. On the other hand, a video showing the main capabilities of the team was also necessary for qualification.

This link shows the team description paper submitted by the STOx's team this year for qualification. Additionally, below is the video where the colombian team shows its playing capabilities, especifically, in its participation in RoboCup 2014.


University of Santo Tomás will attend RoboCup 2015 for fifth year in a row

For fifth time, the STOx's team from the Electronic Elngineering Faculty will attend RoboCup 2015 as the only colombian team. The mos prestigious scientific event in Robotics will be held this year inn Hefei, China from July 17th to July 23rd 2015.

University of Santo Tomás is the only colombian team in the whole event with its soccer team that participates in the Small Size League where teams made of 6 robots play soccer games in a field of 6m x 8m through a global vision system and centralized control. The colombian team has made it into the top 8 teams for two years in a row showing the high capabilities of the colombian young engineers. This years, the team hopes to achieve an important place in the competition and continuing advancing the science and technology in our country through robotics and artificial intelligence.